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All feedback, especially about bugs, is greatly appreciated. All issues reguarding functionality will be looked at and fixed as quickly as possible. My goal is to provide the best possible management software I can and I realize that in the mass of code I may miss a bug or typo here and there. All bug reports are taken very seriously even if they are only cosmetic. Feel free to post them on the forum or email them to redragon at


There are some sites out there pretending to be representatives of this project.

Information and help for this project is only available from 3 locations that are sanctioned by the project author: (here)

Do not download software from any location not listed on one of the above listed sites and do not trust any site claiming to be part of the Hosting Helper project if they are not listed on this site.

What is Hosting Helper?

Hosting Helper is a web hosting management package.
It is distributed under the GNU GPL (General Public License) Agreement.
This package provides tools to manage many of the aspects of a hosting environment.
It also provides a client utility to reduce the need for staff to perform tasks that a client needs such as managing email accounts.

Hosting Helper will support multiple servers from a single adminstration console and single client console. The system is completely dynamic tracking resource allocations across all managed servers. The system will operate on a single server or a completely distributed network of many machines.

We are currently conducting backend tests to try and find the upper limit of the softwares capabilities.

Running on an MySQL database (4.x or greater recommended) we have setup test beds with 200,000 domain accounts and exceeding 3,000,000 service tickets and had no sign if any performance hits do to volume of the backend database.

We will continue these tests to try and provide accurate information about the capabilities of Hosting Helper.

Administrative Features

The features provided through the administrative interface include (but not limited to):
  • Server Tasks
  • Security Management
  • Server Monitor
  • Ticket Center
  • News Management
  • Knowledge Base
  • Fraudscreen
  • Domain Management
  • User Management
  • Billing/Accounting
  • Account Information Tools
  • Miscellaneous Functions
  • Package Management
  • Manage Hosting Servers
  • Manage Client Interfaces
  • Manage Mail Servers
  • Manage Name Servers
  • Manage Signup Servers
  • Manage Server Pools
  • Manage Administrators
  • Manage Admin Daemon
  • System Config

Client Features

The features provided thru the client interface include (but not limited to):
  • Account Quickview
  • Account Resources
  • System Information
  • Email Functions
  • Virtual FTP Management
  • Sub Domain Management
  • SSL Certificate Management
  • Website Management
  • Front Page Extensions Management
  • Stats and Logs access
  • Account Management
  • Account Billing

System/Network Support

Hosting Helper currently supports management for the following software:
  • Apache 1.3x and 2x
  • Sendmail and Postfix
  • Postfix/MySQL virtual mail system
  • Most major FTPD software
  • BIND 8x and BIND 9x
  • MyDNS
  • MySQL 3x and 4.0.x

Getting Help

There are the forums listed in the menu that you can ask for help.

There are mailing lists available at

Help can also be found on IRC (internet relay chat).
channel: #gnuhh

Because there have been some DNS issues with I have aliased one of my domains to the If you can't connect using then try using

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Date - March 23, 2006

Version - 2.0
Date - March 22, 2006

If your looking for updated MySQL, PHP, Python, and other packages for your RHEL/Centos 4/5 installations check out

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